Day 8 – Follow up – Pixel and Follow Up winning engagement example winning engagement example

No new conversion today, yet! I do have to follow up with several support questions. It seems some of my customers are not the brightest people. I may have to put a step by step guide on the download page for them to follow to give them a better understanding of how to get things going. This will help reduce support time, which is key, since when affiliates start pushing this product hard, if I don’t solve this problem now, it’ll be a huge headache down the road. 2/3 customers are asking for support 🙁

Sales Conversion:
Original (baseline): 1 sale [ 1 / 769 – 0.001300% conversion rate ]
Variation #1: 7 sales [ 7 / 792 – 0.008838% conversion rate ]

1561 Unique Visitors Since it is a 2 week free trial, I am thinking of starting it in a couple of days to see what I can get going in terms of sales. so far I have 4896 people tagged, i’m really loving the fact I segmented 280 of those that visited the landing page! It’s pretty exciting stuff here. Well, in terms of engagement, Optimizely picked Variation #1, no surprise really. I expected that. The screenshot is way above of what it looks like when the winning option is picked. The problem is with my purchases, my numbers are screwed up in the test with 2 extra clicks for Original, but I’ve been monitoring the sales on my side making sure I have the most accurate data day by day.

So far all my free trials have returned pretty good ROi, and I can’t complain. I’m definitely going with, and I think it might be best to setup Mouseflow soon, but I’ve got to get the new landing page completed, since this test is about to hit the end here. only 400+ more people, and that can happen as soon as tonight or tomorrow. Pretty great results for only 8+ days so far, I got to say, I didn’t expect to see 400% increases, but again my lander was pretty bad in terms of copy.

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