Beast Mode – Blood on My Hands


Continuation from My Aim Is To Only Move Forward

The blood’s every where. That god-damn demon didn’t help me one bit. I taste it in my mouth. Maybe some of it is mine… But most of it is my enemies’. All my enemies are dead… And now it’s time to erase them from the history books like I promised…

The crows are circling above, they sense the death in the air. They’re ready to start pecking at the corpses of my fallen enemies. The vultures are long gone – we had a mutual relationship, they’ve skirted off with the good parts of my fallen enemies’ empire during battle, they played their part.

I wonder though, did I get them all, did I remove all future threats? Only time will tell, but for now, whatever threat remains has dug a deep hole somewhere and is licking their wounds. The battle was long, and hard – but it was easier then I anticipated. It was quicker then I thought it would be, and even though some of my comrades went down fighting it was worth it all.

Now the throne is ready for me to sit in and rule un-challenged, and to warn others of what happens when you throw rocks at the throne, the world shall experience a hundred days of darkness – cause now all the gods are trembling… and even the gods fear death…

Let history note this moment in time, for it was when I declared victory over my collapsed enemies with my foot in top of their crushed skulls.

I could get used to this taste in my mouth…

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  1. Roy wrote:

    War here too. Got help from an ally. Back on top for now but the battle continues

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