I am CCarter

I am CCarter / Mercenary Carter – Final Boss

What’s going on people of the internet. This is about me… well CCarter actually.

CCarter Wickedfire

Who am i? I’ve been known by many names since the dawn of the internet, currently, my online persona is geared toward CCarter / CC Over You Peasants / CCarter Wickedfire / Chris Carter / Mercenary Carter / The Mercenary (on this blog at least) / Khalid Carter / Final Boss.


I started rambling on some forums, and people liked what I had to say, so I’ll use this platform for topics that aren’t necessarily kosher on forums, since I’ve got a little bit more freedom to analyze (out), marketing tactics that I like. It’s all about making money right? So, let’s get to it. I plan on talking about dark (black hat), and kosher (white hat) techniques, tricks, and things I see going on, but mostly, it’ll be me rambling about randomness.

Updated on 2-13-2014

Okay, so by now a lot of people have realized we’ve got a split personality going on here, it’s like there are different people posting as “CCarter”, here is how I can explain it…

Who is CCarter

CCarter is pretty arrogant whose soul is composed of nothing but the pursuit of profits. CCarter would kill us all for it’s end benefit. I don’t like CCarter, they’re too cold. Their eyes are dead, no dilations. CCarter is the manifestation of pure profit energy, to attain that level, you have to let go of everything. Even I find it difficult to get to that level, but when CCarter awakes, there is no stopping them. CCarter roams the astral plane, never taking physical form. Therefore CCarter’s only communication is through written long posts – never live communication.

Who is The Mercenary?

The Mercenary is what most people talk to in live communication (skype, phone calls, or in person) within this reality. Only The Mercenary can directly call upon CCarter, but even then it’s not the final form. You can catch bits, pieces, and glimmers in the cracks of CCarter, but not the full final form, your senses aren’t trained for that. The Mercenary is the one responsible for all those gifs and all the lols, lulz, and trolling tomfoolery.

What’s this about Atlantean Souls?

“More and more Atlantean souls have reincarnated back into this world then any other time in history… The return of all the Ancients’ is nigh…” – CCarter

Source: http://www.wickedfire.com/shooting-shit/178472-expedia-penalised.html#post2156049

Atlantean souls originate from our home of Atlantis, lost in the sea forever. Within the 20th century more Atlantean souls have been reborn and are directly responsible for the rapid advancement during the industrial revolution and now the digital revolution. It’s a good time to be alive… As more and more of our lost brothers and sisters wake up and re-rise to power, we find and recognized them from their past lives and bring them back into our fold.


Dead serious.

Are You Insane?

Of course… You have to be an outlier to see beyond the petty everyday and set the course of the future…

Fact is, that if you are actually reading this shit, you are wasting your time looking into me versus generating revenue. 😉