End of 2015 Year


Time to wrap this thing up mates. Just got back from the colonies and boy am I glad to be away from those savages. But Savagery is everywhere, it’s mental more so than physical. It’s a bit weird but I like going extra hard at the end of the year, up until New Years day, to give me a running head start. There are people that “checkout” at the beginning of December. What does that even mean? You don’t give it your best for a whole month? How does that make sense.

I started writing down daily reports Since Oct 15th of my activities. I can safely say I’ve got a C- at the very best. I write down the interactions I have with people throughout the day, and categorize them as being productive, waste of time, or revenue focused. I started to notice there was a bit more drama with some interactions so I mindfully attempting to stay away from those individuals. But low and behold somehow some way they end up trying to drag me into their drama, mess, or has some complain about me for the seasons changing.

It’s weird, cause they realize I’m purposely avoiding them yet they are enamored with talking to me, talking at me, talking about me, or revolving whatever waste of time they have into my life, both offline and online. I have to move into my new 2nd home next week, so that should be fun dividing up my stuff in two and figuring out where I’ll stay on the weekends and where on the weekdays. Guess that’s the only thing good about this last 2 weeks or so. I’m going to start a mass deletion to get rid of these knuckleheads once and for all in my life. Forget muting, just deletion, and that’s that. My daily reports show me exactly where I wasted most of my time, and interactions with non-essentials was the biggest time sucker, so that stops now.

Besides the waste of time drama setters and the copycats trying to mimic my style we have been going hard at Buso with the Digital Strategy Crash Course – 30+ days of nonstop knowledge bombs, should set people up right for the New Years.

My goal for next year is simply to evaporate into the Aether for real. Like, I’m gone gone, a lot less noise and gives me enough time to concentrate on things which I enjoy.

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