27% Beast Mode and Rising


They just don’t want it bad enough. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m just a beast when I latch onto something, and most people just don’t have “IT“. What “IT” is, I dunno, but it’s hard to describe.

Are you willing to put in 18+ hours and love every moment of it towards a project or goal? No – well I am. And if you are going up against someone like me in your niche, field, or industry, ask yourself what chances do you have of winning? I put in 18+ hours a day, 7 days a week, and can’t remember my last vacation – end result is winning. How can you possibly catch up to me when I’m at only 27% beast mode with you working your 4 hour work week? It’s not possible, I cannot lose, not to you at least.

The thing is I love what I do, like I really love it. The best moments I have are when I’m trying to solve a frustrating coding problem that I know the solution is on the edge of my mind. I don’t ever doubt that I will NOT solve it, it’s already solved in the future version of the code, I just have to arrive there. That skill of breaking things down and re-building it up was obtained through countless hours of sharpening my sword, mastering my skill. But it doesn’t stop there.

I’ve been honing my html, css, and javascript since ’95, I was there when CSS 1.0 was new, think about that for a second, I’ve been doing this longer then most of these newbies have been on this earth, yet somehow I’m still younger than them, let that sink in.

But that html/css stuff is child’s play to be honest. My website design skills are above normal cause I’ve just been doing it longer, and I’ve got the creative flare needed, but that’s not why I’m a beast. If you sit here mastering a skill for 20+ years, you’ll run circles around anyone. Even with programming, photoshopping, video editing, whatever skill or obstacles thrown at me, I will master it, and I have.

I’m only at 27% though if I were to be honest. Last year when I was programming SERPWoo I was in 100% beast mode, it was insane everything was clicking – even death couldn’t touch me. But even at this 27% level I know I can crush most competitors cause they simply are lazy. Lazy with their coding, lazy with their willingness to win, lazy with their marketing or don’t even understand the first thing about branding, all stuff I’ve been quietly studying for years on end before I even thought about becoming an “internet marketer” or doing anything on the internet.

Recall that bootcamp I ran earlier. I learned a lot, but I really didn’t learn anything I hadn’t known already. Most people just don’t want it. You get a group of 13 people together, or a group of 100 people together, only 5% will attempt to become top performers, and only 1% will make it. That’s because they’ve got IT. They’ve got the desire to win, and LOVE the journey to winning more then the destination. They’re willing to work over and over on a problem until the problem is defeated and the mere fact of working on that problem is the enjoyment itself.

People don’t get it, they drag themselves through processes, whether it be their job, some task at hand or whatever, and they are completely miserable. The actual process has to be a delight, if not, you are doing something that’s just going to stress you out, and if it does – you will subconsciously sabotage yourself, or your body to get out of what you hate doing. You see these people “making it” then somehow, someway they end up screwing it all up, why? Cause they really didn’t want it. They didn’t love the process.

I know one day my time will be up, I’ll get out done by someone who wants it more then I do – not you of course, but for now, I’ll hold down this throne, and let these kids think they have a chance to match me. They really have no clue what I’m about to do to them…

“I just don't think they get it – This is not a game, I'm in full Beast Mode RIGHT NOW! I'm eating the competition's breakfast mang!!” — CCarter (@MercenaryCarter) July 24, 2015

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  1. emp wrote:

    Following that bootcamp, trying to help with mentoring some… it was amazing how little some of these people did.

    And amazing how much those did that went above and beyond.

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