They’ve Limited Their Thinking


You have to be very careful who you allow yourself to be exposed to. I’ve shed a tremendous amount of baggage over the years from my life, but I’ve noticed my mental receptors are now more sensitive to what others say, think, and bring up. A random conversation about nothingness can sit rattling around in my head for hours if not days at a time. A conversation about nothing in particular.

It’s weird, cause as I touch less and less of the world – stop watching the news, stop wasting time on Facebook feeds, stop wasting time checking twitter, whenever I do come into contact with something, it sticks to me a bit more. The only way to combat this is to reduce even further my interactions with nonsense that only distracts from my main goals and my Shangri-La.

I can’t comprehend what some of these people are after, nor do I really want to take the time to. Focus is such a rare commodity and level to achieve as of late, I gotta figure out exactly what’s off on my game, so I can figure out how to focus back on my end goals.

The quote is “you’ll get as far as the 5 people you hang around with the most” – looking back that is indeed true. I’ve always elevated myself only when in the presence of a superior colleague or challenge. The problem then is – as you continue climbing, the challengers and colleagues willing to attain the same level or even higher get fewer and fewer. I don’t even waste time responding to people that want some answer to get ‘passive income’ so they can screw around on some retarded 3rd world beach somewhere… I don’t even understand how moving to a 3rd world country is a goal in life – that’s completely mind-boggling to me.

I then had someone explain it to me, it was apparently about being able to get laid easier… WTF? Serious, you seriously have a problem getting laid in a 1st world country, that you have to move to a 3rd world country? My mind can’t comprehend that level of beta.

But beyond that – some of these people only want to get “enough” so they can party for years on end… But what’s funny is people don’t look around at people that have done that. A fool learns from their own mistakes, a wise man learns from the mistakes of others. You see the problem is when you’re in a “let’s party mentality”, you think whatever revenue model you are currently exploiting is going to last forever… and boy does that harsh reality come crashing down sooner or later.

Look back at all the “good times” when blackhat SEO was as easy as buying an SGW package from Grindstone or spam from eliquid… When monthly re-billing fat loss pills allowed kids to buy Audi R8s left and right in cash. Where are all they now? Good times don’t last forever, and if you find yourself on a huge wave, stop fucking around, and double down on exploiting that wave until it comes crashing down. Make as much money as freaking possible and then when it’s over, you’ll be able to relax. But this relaxing all the time shit that’s going on with some of these people, I can’t figure it out.

I’m live in a constant state of agitation – I can’t sleep until this project is complete and profitable, or this dream project is off the ground, or this one bug is fixed and perfected so customers love the product. There is a rush to the creation process that I’m addicted to – but I guess it’s cause they’ve never felt that before, they can’t understand.

Growing up I always thought that you were suppose to attain levels like in a video game. Once you beat one level you set your goal on a higher level, and then higher and higher. The quest would only stop in the grave, and even then your children would take the torch and continue the saga. Every fall, every obstacle, you are suppose to get better and figure out a way around it, then learn from that for the next level of life. But some of these people… they really want to play the game on easy or not even at all. I can’t comprehend not having ambition to better yourself mentally, physically, financially, or whatever else that’s possible. I mean, why not do battle against the best of the best – because even if you fail, you still took on the best of the best. I was taught you were suppose to try to fail, cause you learn the biggest lessons from the failures you’ve achieved.

I don’t get it, but then again, I really don’t care about lower ambition individuals. I’m seeking to surround myself with those that want to attain greatness and battle the gods for supremacy in the history books.

“They’ve limited their thinking and would feel much more comfortable if you’d limit yours too.”

4 thoughts on “They’ve Limited Their Thinking

  1. Thanks for the reminder about doubling down when you’ve got that cash machine running.

    Getting as far as the people around you is most certainly a myth for ultra achievers and generally only applies to regular people whereby the “5 people” constitutes people at your work and/or family. Also, that was an old pre-internet adage.

    When you decide to globe trot on IM/SEO cash, there are no permanent people around you and you get to grow on your own. I left 3 years ago and yes the women are easier, prettier, and more enjoyable than their western counterparts.

    An Audi R8 today is worth shit all compared to 8k a month for the next 3 years and a sale price of that website of 24x monthly rev. coming in at a total of 480k + enough time to relax in the 3rd world with beautiful women.

    1. The 5 people around means your whole life, not just your online ventures. It’s definitely not a myth. I also don’t see how $96K a year is a serious goal for anyone or less then $500k for 3 years of work, and again living in the 3rd world – For what?

  2. I have to agree on the third world thing.

    Giving up quality of life, good and high tech medical care, good education for my kids, reliable infrastructure… hell just reliable society and a working legal system… just does not compute.

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