The Saga Continues


A lot of people have been asking me, what’s next, what’s the next big piece coming out of CCarter’s mental vault. It takes me a good while to come up with something that’s original, not talked about currently but has serious impacts that will elevate reader’s game overall. That’s why I’m not spewing out random pieces left and right that are a whole lot of fluff with no meat. With traffic leaks, that was one of those moments, there were other contributing pieces on the internet that I collected into my Omnibus Collection – but here is the reality, 95% of my old content is locked away behind a login wall, paywall, or simply deleted from the internet (BHU being 403).

There is a good chunk lost forever in the collapse of certain digital mines I used to grind night in. The digital river brings life and it takes it away…

So the real question is – how do I feel about it all? Meh, doesn’t really matter to me. I hate to say it but if you didn’t take action at that time, re-posting it or resurrecting some of the content isn’t going to make you take action anyways. If you’re looking for feel good content that allows you to sit on your lazy ass and not take action, but make you FEEL like you did something by reading a couple of posts here and there of mine, meh whatever. I’m not sure how far you are going to get though, but I doubt you’ll have the staying power to be around in this game for another 2-3 years.

The reality is there is a vicious cycle to all aspects of life, but the internet only quickens all human interactions and cycles. People come, some conquer, most just turn into dust and get swept away to be forgotten forever – then the next generation comes. Meanwhile I stay here looking over a desert of corpses that represented the past while I continue my journey to my Shangri-La.

Where is this all going – well the reality is there is no one platform where I can express myself to the fullest extent like I have been able to, hence why I’ve been so silent for almost a year plus. But then I realize I’ve always had Money Over Ethics. However the one rule of MOE is there is no SEO talk on this website, so I’ll have to figure out a way to repurpose some of that good old SEO content on another domain like or something, and let the history books keep it alive there for now. But now, without allegiance to any one entity, I have the freedom to come and go like I please from everywhere. True freedom means being to truly express one’s self, and that’s why I plan on dedicating 90% of my personal marketing ideas, contents, and experience under the Money Over Ethics brand.

So what you’ll be seeing in the coming days, not weeks, months or years, but days, its a introductions of some new marketing series I can go on about at a higher level of speak than I normally do. Really I hated dumbing down the content flow, but it was needed for the mass appeal, but with the MOE brand, I can show you truly how great I am…

This starts a new volume in the CCarter Saga, one that will definitely not disappoint.

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