The Nights Were The Hardest

The Nights Were The Hardest

The nights were the hardest, when everything is silent, the world’s fast asleep, but I can’t fall asleep. It’s not even that I’m not tired, but I can’t keep from completing the task at hand. It’s an addiction or something. It’s hard to change, but it’s gotten me this far.

A lot of people are scared of the silence. That’s when doubts creep in on them on whether what they are working on will even matter. I no longer have those doubts since I acquired the vision. I know I won’t have the vision forever though.

What I call vision is an intuitive understanding of the current environment I’m battling in. You know what’s going to happen when you do X and you know the reaction of the crowd and the audience as well as your competitors. In fact knowing this ahead of time you can plan your moves so your competitors go one way when they see you make a move – and it’s a trap that you setup. With vision it’s no longer a chess game but dominos where you’ve setup all the pieces and the world reacts to your moves.

People waste time thinking about the future during the quiet hours of the nights, wondering and hoping what the future will bring. I don’t do that – I’m writing my own future and I’ll bring it into reality by myself. I can’t rely on hope, promises, and waiting on lazy clowns to act in my interest – that’s a recipe for failure. So that’s why I’m up at night, adding a little extra code here and there, adjusting some process, or getting ready for the next day’s battle.

With this amount of understanding of your surroundings how can you dare go to sleep? How can you pass up even a second of this ability? My greatest strength is knowing that this vision will not last forever. I know one day my senses will become dull and I’ll be out of sync with the times. But right now at this very moment I’ve got them right where I want them…

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