My Omnibus – A Collection of My Works

I’m back and here is an updated listed. – CC (Updated on Aug 16th, 2016)

Here are some of my current and past work online that you might be interested, trust me, this is the stuff you want…

Traffic_Leaks – The Final Level – Throw the Google/SEO shackles off and join us on the final level of online marketing. (UPDATED – Also Day 12 of BuSo Digital Crash Course)

Day 6 – Keyword Research (BuSo Digital Crash Course)

The CC9 Bootcamp for Traffic Leaking (Live Traffic Leaking Bootcamp)

Monetization – Generating Revenue – Learn about the ways you can make money. (UPDATED – Day 9 of BuSo Digital Crash Course)

Market Research – Every marketing campaign and website need to start off here. (UPDATED – Day 3 of BuSo Digital Crash Course)

On-Site Crash Course – Big Brand Refresher – A strong foundation for all your online endeavors (UPDATED)

Mega Brand (Big Brand Upgraded) (UPDATED – Day 16 of BuSo Digital Crash Course)

Online Reputation Management (Day 18 of BuSo Digital Crash Course)

Customer Service/Support (Day 23 of BuSo Digital Crash Course)

Siri Optimization – Beyond Traditional SEO – Getting into the palms of your customers. (UPDATED – Day 19 of BuSo Digital Crash Course)

Permission Based Marketing – Get the customers to give you information. (UPDATED – Day 21 of BuSo Digital Crash Course)

Getting Traffic_in Difficult Niches – We explore different ways of generating traffic outside of Google’s grasp. (UPDATED – Day 28 of BuSo Digital Crash Course)

True Stories – The Foundation of Your_Future – I get a little creative…

Lost For the Ages

CCarter Weekly Series at (Discontinued)

Case Study-_Additional_Traffic_Sources – Follow me on a project that’s about going from scratch to making monthly income without the need for any SEO.

240% Increase in Search_Traffic in 3 days – Mito Tags on speed!!!

Online Reputation Management – Hacker Style – Controlling your client’s online reputation with a Zerg Rush.

Link Typhoon – A Guide To Absolute Control – Self explanatory.

Hide Your Footprints From The Competition – Make your websites, pyramids, and tiers invisible to the spies.

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