Day 6 – Follow Up – Intro to Retargeting by Adroll

Re-Targeting Pixel Conversion Optimization
Re-Targeting Pixel Conversion Optimization

Two more sales since last update. One late last night, one early this morning! Both from Variation #1.

Sales Conversion:
Original (baseline): 1 sale [ 1 / 605 – 0.001653% conversion rate ]
Variation #1: 4 sales [ 4 / 643 – 0.006221% conversion rate ]

1248 Unique Visitors

Intro To Retargeting: Speaking within the big brand chat, I discussed some of these results, and Flaw3d came up with the concept to install Re-targeting pixels across my website (which is an excellent idea)! Basically the concept of Re-targeting essentially means a cookie is placed on every user that lands on your website and tags them across the advertising network. When you enable a re-targeting campaign it allows you to show your ads throughout their advertising network to them to get them back to your website or landing page to make a purchase. It’s based off of the concept of needing to seen a brand more than once in order for it to trusted (usually 7 times is the magic number).

I’m going with Adroll, which has a 2 week free trial, but for now I’m just tagging the visitors like cattle or sheep almost. It’s actually pretty sad, that at a certain point your visitors are no longer see as visitors but simply data points, which you can manipulate with a/b split testing, and other techniques to get them to pull out their wallets. But forget all that, this is Money Over Ethics, after all. Let’s make some dough!

I installed the re-targeting pixel in the afternoon yesterday, and so far have 1080 Unique visitors in my Adroll Visitor data that have been tagged. I’m thinking about waiting until after the first test or even 2nd ab test, in order to start pushing my ads to them. Basically, whenever they log onto Facebook my ads will be there. When they visit a website with Google Adsense, my ads will be there. When they visit Google or any other partner websites, my ads will be following them. (You have been re-targeted before when you visited a website, and then all of a sudden you see their ads EVERYWHERE!) – You can even segment the visitors according to the pages they visited I’m told. So I can target visitors that landing specifically on my landing pages but didn’t convert, AND visitors that just browsed my website. That’s serious power.

I logged in and click segment visitors – I setup the landing page folders for segmentation, just now. I’m not sure if they go backwards in time to parse data for yesterday. If not, no worries I’m already satisfied with the results. No need to get greedy, YET!

(Let’s keep this re-targeting thing between me and you, no need for the sheep to get involved, since mass adoption brings regulation, increases prices, and overall makes the technique less effective).

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