Day 11 – Aftermath of Test #1 and Adroll Rejection

Adroll rejection
Adroll rejection

Didn’t get any sales yesterday, but today got 4 sales in one day, after taking Variation #1 live! That’s the highest amount of daily sales ever! First was launch day back in May at 3 sales first day. Don’t know exactly what happened to my free trial when I signed up, but I was able to create the campaign, and found a promo code for them ‘PI100‘ and was able to get $100 credit, then I submitted the ad and waited (last night). Well earlier today I got a reject email, talking about “lead generation” or “artificial traffic” – which baffles me, cause I’m clearly selling a digital product. It’s my direct product, but I assume they just didn’t even bother to check anything. I did have 12,637 unique visitors tagged since the 9th, and 949 tagged from people that visited my landing page. I actually only retargeted people that when to my landing page in the campaign I setup too. Who knows, waste of time in my opinion. There is a messaging system build in, but you can’t even reply, and they email was rather vague:


You have the following message from AdRoll regarding your campaign: [REDACTED]:

AdRoll cannot advertise your site because our partner ad networks frequently interpret sites sites/products such as yours as lead generation or artificial traffic sites. Whether accurate or not, this will prevent us from advertising your site at this time. Sorry for this inconvenience, and thank you for your interest in our advertising platform.

Please visit if you would like to make adjustments to your campaign.

Keep rollin’,
Team AdRoll

I looked up artificial traffic in their explanation, since I assumed that was the problem, since there is no way a person with a brain can think selling a product equals lead generation, and got this definition (

Artificial Traffic
Websites offering to generate artificial traffic, such as those offering Facebook fans and Twitter followers, are prohibited by AdRoll’s partner ad networks.

I’m baffled, since there are no Facebook or Twitter icons on the lander nor any think remotely suggesting you can like or tweet the product page.

Of course their other explanation “Lead Generation” is NOT EVEN ON THE SUPPORT PAGE! So I have to literally read everything on there wasting my time with this. The closest I could best guess is that they might think it is affiliate advertising:

Affiliate Advertising
Affiliate offers, product aggregation or comparison sites are not allowed on the AdRoll retargeting platform. Advertising is restricting to sellers of goods and services.

Which would not be the case, since it’s my product, but I do have the option of having affiliate promote my product for me, but again, it’s my direct product that I’m pushing on the campaign page and the offer. In fact, I’m just retargeting people that already saw the landing page, with the EXACT same landing page! Sooo, who the hell do I talk to about this?

I’m pulling all the tracking pixels off my site for now, no need to give them extra data until I figure this thing out. Anyways, back to the case study and conversion optimizing. I got caught up in work over the weekend and still a little buried, so I’ll have to hold off for a day or for the next round. I like the fact that my conversions are pretty good for today so far 4 sales, not bad at all.

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