Test #2 – 4 variations – whole lot of trouble…

Test #2 Conversion Optimization

Alright Started Test #2, Doing 4 variations this time. Using the winning version from Test #1, versus content from the 2nd content writer, and the very first lander I ever created – calling it Old Lander, and a shorter form of the Old Lander as well. I have to get 4000 views to the total experiment to get the 1000 visitors require to make an educated guess to the next steps. I dunno, this many tests seems like a shotgun approach, but hey, I’m still under 1% conversion rate, so what the hell.

Optimizely.com: Setup the 2nd test, with 4 variations and am running it. I duplicated the last test to make things faster, and just double checked everything.

Crazyegg.com: Setup the integration in the test, and double check to see that the integration from Optimizely.com went through – it did. (As I wrote this, crazyegg just charged me the $108.00, lol, man i was slipping, Optimizely got me on Sunday).

What’s key about this test is that it will determine if the current layout is better than the old layout, which I never tested. I just switched, thinking hey, why not. Here are the stats (adjustments were made for some refunds – sucks, but it happens):

May 13 to May 31:
Orders: 12 sales
Landing Page Visits: 6,192
Conversion Rate: 0.001938%
Revenue: $348.29

June 1 to June 30:
Orders: 17 sales
Landing Page Visits: 11,734
Conversion Rate: 0.001449%
Revenue: $400.28

July 1 to July 31:
Orders: 7 sales
Landing Page Visits: 5,215
Conversion Rate: 0.001342%
Revenue: $151.07

August 1 to August 31:
Orders: 14 sales
Landing Page Visits: 6,576
Conversion Rate: 0.002129%
Revenue: $357.37

September 1 to September 30:
Orders: 33 sales
Landing Page Visits: 9,682
Conversion Rate: 0.003408%
Revenue: $794.93

Going from 14 sales in August to 33 sales in Sept, is an increase is about 135%, which is huge in my book. Now it’s about getting from the 0.0034% to 1% this month – if possible :D, I can dream can’t I?

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