Lawlessness Of The Internet – Wild Wild West

Lawlessness On The Internet
Lawlessness On The Internet – The Assassin 02 by FleshFetish

I wonder what in 20 years from now what they’ll say about the internet era. It feels like we’re in the wild wild west where anything goes at times, and there simply is an un-controllable current of activity. There is no “Internet Police”, and the power and reach of the internet is growing at such a rapid rate lawmakers are unable to even keep up.

Recently there was a discussion on Wickedfire about a new drug that’s hit the market that’s sending college partiers to the hospital in bus loads ( EMP made a great point that you can’t widely ban substances which “impair judgement”, since a lot of things would fall in that category, example alcohol. They have to ban substances one at a time and that takes months to do. But they the time it’s banned, next week the chemists have altered their formula and are sending out email blast to their newsletter of the latest “legal” version. That’s just the fight in illegal drug use, which is pretty serious when you’ve got kids going to the hospital and partiers dying.

You can look in all corners of the internet and it’s really a jungle. And it’s great, since that environment allows smart people to prosper and become millionaires in what seems to be overnight. I’m definitely not for regulating that aspect, but there in the case of the drug usage, there should be more education at the school level versus what they have now “Don’t Do Drugs”. It’s really about educating people on the harm and side effects and then letting them use their own judgement. Sometimes that judgement is bad, and Darwin’s effect will take place by removing them genes from society, in order to no longer breed (in the spirit of Breaking Bad, that was a bad batch… of people).

Ultimately it will be up to the private sectors like Google and Facebook to regulate what goes on with the websites they control to not help further illicit activities, since it will be a stain on their brand. But as with all things, there will be black markets that arise, and the undercover digital barons will always exist. And no, I’m not for getting rid of the black market in anyway or form. I just wonder how the regulators plan on actually fighting them, when barons have more firepower, are more nimble – if not invisible, and all while the lawmakers can’t even figure out how to balance the budget without getting into high school like drama fights – fucking kids.

Educate yourself and educate your kids people, don’t rely on others to do it for you, cause the people in charge are pretty much clowns. Time to dive into the digital mines as Pheasant would say.

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