For they are only puppets with their strings pulled by unknown forces

Quote From the PuppetMaster
Quote From the PuppetMaster

Yeah, I’m still alive…

For they are only puppets with their strings pulled by unknown forces…

Well that was interesting. Defeated a major demon I’ve been battling for years. Feels good to get back into the game in full swing. Things slowed me down to a crawl, I would say I’ve been operating at 10% for the last 5 or so years. Life, if you let it, it will drain you. Well not really life, but the people around you, the ones you surround yourself by, the people that have your ear the most, if you are not careful they’ll take you down with them.

Words of advice: Do not let people get in your way to your goals, if you have to, then violently physically remove them in order to showcase the others nonsense will not be entertained nor accepted between you and your goals. If you aren’t willing to go that far, well – sounds like you aren’t willing to do everything you know you need to do to get to your goals.

I still can’t believe the fights over… I mean once it’s done, it’s really over. I wish there was time to rest, or go visit friends I used to hang out with, but they’ve moved on with their lives too. Some of them have simply faded into background noise to be forever forgotten. There is so much I wish I could say to so many of them if I could go back, but it’s done…

Too many people still live in the past or they try to take the past with them as they enter the future. They’ll soon realize the baggage they are carrying from the past is too heavy, and if they are smart enough, they’ll ditch it or be forever chain to what once was. The past is just that, the past. We’ll have the memories and good times, but it’s done. All we have now is today and what we are going to build for tomorrow. Shit man, sometimes I wish I could go back and sing a little more, dance a little longer, and love a little more – but it’s done.

We are on the crux on some of the greatest technologies brought to the world, which if done correctly, we can change the world for the better. The problem is most people are busy in their own little worlds with their own petty dramas, busy being busy, but not really being. I can say I really haven’t been enjoying the journey, I’ve been waiting to get to the destination of this train ride, but I know there is no destination, there is just the journey – so now I’m presented with a problem, but the only answer, the only way to survive this is to keep my aim forward.

I still got one major demon to fight and it represents the whole of my scars from the past. I most likely will not be able to escape it completely, but I should be able to neutralize it for a very long time – at least until I escape this plane of existence. Every battle at this point is life or death. We either live the way we want to live or die trying to get to that life – otherwise what’s the point?

So the choice is mine now, and I have to act. If I make it, I guess I’ll have to find another demon to battle, and if I don’t, well I guess I’ll see you on the other side.

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