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False Optimizely Conversions

False Optimizely Conversions
Another sale made today! This one went for the Variation #1. Current score:

Original: 1 sale [ 1 / 400 – 0.0025% conversion rate ]
Variation #1: 2 sales [ 2 / 418 – 0.00478% conversion rate ]

818 Total visitors

Pretty much the original conversion rate is staying at 0.002% like in the beginning, now the variation #1 is more than doubling that at the moment ๐Ÿ™‚ – Awesome news for my wallet.

Side notes:
Sept 7 @ 9am – Original conversion is false (original 1st customer).
Sept 8 @ 5pm – False conversion (optimizely support).
With all these photo clicks, I’m thinking the best solution is to have a pop-up gallery showcasing the digital product, with additional selling points as bullets.

With the heatmaps, I’m definitely learning where to send visitors with the smoothscroll once they click. I’d better get on the new landing pages as soon as possible since we are approaching the halfway mark relatively fast.

Overall the early observations are becoming more solid theories, and giving me more ideas of what to test next. It’s pretty exciting seeing the at double the old one simply with new copy that attempt to sell. I think the next goal will be to use the original copy on the old landing page versus this new copy on the new landing page – Make as many improvements as possible by using smoothscroll and other things I’ve learned, and test the overall sales from that design with this design.

if you think about it 150% increase in revenue means turning $358 monthly revenue into $895 monthly revenue. Hell, if I could double my conversions every month, Eventually I can start going after super affiliates and doing long term advanced SEO techniques. ๐Ÿ™‚

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