Day 3 – Follow Up #2 (Case Study: Conversion Optimization)

Mad Scientist by Zelma1

Mad Scientist by Zelma1 Alrighty, got it all sorted out with Junan from Optimizely. Looks like they person did indeed go to the A/B test for a 2nd time then jumped to the download page (that they got in the purchase email). This is a rare case, but it may happen. Anyways, they are great at getting back to customers, especially on weekends!

Currently at 745 uniques. nothing new to report. Crazyegg is still telling me it’s all about photos clicks. At this rate, I’ll probably be at the 2K total in 3-4 days, a lot sooner than expected. I’ll probably use the old landing page with variations for the next round of tests. I’m not feeling too confident with this current page 2 out of 745 conversions that’s 0.002684%. People aren’t liking what they see in my opinion.

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