Day 38 – Almost Done With Test #2


I am currently at 3,715 Visits for the 2nd A/B Split test. Test#1’s Winning variation is winning by a long shot.

Quick Results:
Winner of Test #1: 6 sales
New content (Current lander): 2 sales
Old Short Form: 2 sales
Old Long Form: 1 sale

From the graph at the beginning of the post, you can clearly see the bumps from each sale, the Winner of Test #1, is killing the others. There is almost no way the others can come back without some miracle, and a huge jump in conversions. I think crazyegg stopped working cause I didn’t have the script installed, but I can’t recall if I had to do it last time cause I thought took care of that. Clearly not, cause I’ve got no data on this Test #2, sucks, but whatever.

I got the 3rd lander coded out, now just need to get the testimonial videos, then get started with that one. During Friday, you may notice a long period in the graph of no movement, I actually paused the campaign for a good 8 hours or so cause I didn’t want to waste the affiliate’s traffic on the test, but decided to turn it back on. Test #3, I’m strictly going to do my own traffic, since some of this affiliate traffic is not the best traffic. Conversion rate is going down, and that’s mainly because of affiliate traffic. Yes it’s messing up my conversion, but realistically this the type of traffic I’m going to have to deal with/depend on.

Till next time.

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