End of Test #2

conversion optimization case study

Oh Hai,

Sorry, I’ve been out of it for a long time. Damn already December. well the test ended a while back, And the clear winner was the Winner of Test #1. Since then I have not done much of anything on the site, and you can sort of see that slacking in November sales. I barely beat out October’s numbers. So, lesson learned, always continue split testing. I’m still up in revenue and units – actually November’s a record breaking month, but meh, in terms of gains. In fact I lost a little on the conversion front.

Quick Results:
Winner of Test #1: 6 sales
New content (Current lander): 3 sales
Old Short Form: 2 sales
Old Long Form: 1 sale

Winner of Test #1 got a 0.6% conversion rate, which I left along since October 15, and all through November. Current stats on the project:

May 13 to May 31:
Orders: 12 sales
Landing Page Visits: 6,192
Conversion Rate: 0.001938%
Revenue: $348.29

June 1 to June 30:
Orders: 17 sales
Landing Page Visits: 11,734
Conversion Rate: 0.001449%
Revenue: $400.28

July 1 to July 31:
Orders: 7 sales
Landing Page Visits: 5,215
Conversion Rate: 0.001342%
Revenue: $151.07

August 1 to August 31:
Orders: 14 sales
Landing Page Visits: 6,576
Conversion Rate: 0.002129%
Revenue: $357.37

September 1 to September 30:
Orders: 33 sales
Landing Page Visits: 9,682
Conversion Rate: 0.003408%
Revenue: $794.93

October 1 to October 31:
Orders: 55 sales
Landing Page Visits: 15,568
Conversion Rate: 0.003532%
Revenue: $1,035.86

November 1 to November 30:
Orders: 57 sales
Landing Page Visits: 16,521
Conversion Rate: 0.003450%
Revenue: $1,096.54

You can clearly see my slipping in November. I got approval for the 2nd off-brand product and need to still order those testimonial videos for the new badass Lander. I’m back from my journey to the end of the void…

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