Day 2 – Follow Up (Case Study: Conversion Optimization)

Excellent Monty Burns

Alright, I got a sale!! Fucking Nice! BUT, it didn’t register properly in Optimizely since I was using “Simple Match”, but a subdomain for the end checkout part. 🙁

I was able to change it up to a “Substring Match”, and since I only installed the Optimizely code on that page, I should be more than fine going forward.

Now what’s interesting is I know exactly where the visitor clicked – The Original page with the first Middle button CTA (bright pink). This goes against my experiment but hey. When I logged in to check it was at 250 visitors So 1/250 (0.004% conversion rate) is a good baseline start. The Original page had 120 Visits versus Variation #1 at 130 visitors. Making the at conversion 1/120 (0.008% conversion rate).

Realistically I thought I could come to the conclusion with something after 100 or 200 visits, but all it has told me is the engagement on Variation one is a 10.3% improvement, But Original has an actual sale. I’m thinking I’m really going to have to wait till there is at least 25 conversions till this one test is complete to make any accurate decision OR 1000 visits to each test. At this rate, its looking like it’s going to be another 9 days or so for the 1000 visits mark.

By that time I should have The New Landing Page done with testimonial videos. But in the event I don’t I have more copy I want to test out from my 2nd copywriter. I also still have that OLD landing page, which I’m starting to think need actual testing as well. The great thing is I’ve got the traffic to do all these test, and it’s all free traffic – And NO It’s not Google, they only account for less than 5% of my traffic to this site, I’m on that Final Level shit.

Well, this is crazy, the sale didn’t even come from the Original, it came from the Variation #1 landing page! Apparently my clicks are not registering on the 2nd landing page in Optimizely but the person just attempted to download the digital product and it resulted in a check mark. So the conversion rate is actually 0.00769% (1/130), but the overall test conversion still stays at 1/250 (0.004% conversion rate). I realize I’m really going to have to monitor this shit, since several people will have a tendency to try to download the product multiple times – it’s pretty big in size.

The Middle Click was just someone clicking to see the end landing page, which I suspect a lot of people do. I think I should remove that middle CTA, since it doesn’t have the money back guarantee surrounding it (My theory is that lowers conversions) OR instead of getting rid of it, I can utilize the new SmoothScroll that’s already on that page to have the page scroll down to the final CTA! I’m a genius I tell you!

  • Original Page: People are clicking on the pseudo menu at the top which is controlled by the smoothscroll. BUT A LOT of people are clicking on the Photos of the benefits.

    It’s pretty great actually, since I can see what photos people like, and what photos people dislike 🙂 I’ve got some clicks on the digital product (need to make that scrollable), And well as a click to the top post “Buy Now” CTA. Lots of Photos clicks as I scroll down. Hmm..

    Found one person who clicked on the image representation of the product near the bottom versus the actual button. I’m going to make that live and going to the checkout! Looks like crazyegg was worth the yearly billing raping…

    Based on the heatmap Original Page may not be the worst thing in the world. It’s only the bottom CTA button in green but Money back guarantee is almost in blue. So, that’s something to think about. If I can move the 60 day Money back guarantee to a location that’s bright orange or even white, the theory should be that I get an increase in sales.

  • Variation #1: Taking some of my knowledge from what I learned from the Original page, I see the same patterns. People are clicking on one particular menu item (Now using smoothscroll :)), and are being directed to that section of the page. Clicks on images and Tons of click on those highlighted blue words (They think it’s hyperlinked – recall I installed smoothscroll cause of this) – and it takes them to the bottom CTA. More clicks on photos. Now, this is interesting at the bottom, we actually have 3 clicks on the CTA – of course it’s not registering in Optimizely. 1 click on the device compatibility of the product (It showcases it can work on PCs, Macs, Android, Ipads, Tables, Iphones). So I definitely should make that click able to thru to the CTA.

Man, you can learn a lot through how users interact with your website. I’m thinking Mouseflow is the next stage of this game, since you can actually see people at that level! This is pretty exciting stuff.

One thing I will note is I’m tempted to make these changes NOW, but that will screw up my data, so I have to take notes on everything to make sure once we hit the 1000 visitors mark, I know what to change up.

Now, just thinking about what I Re-learned from today, which we already know as marketers, It’s pretty good to see it in action. First major take away is PEOPLE CLICK IMAGES! Actually People click Everything! It’s a no-brainer, yet we don’t use that to our advantage. I was thinking about either utilizing a pop-up caption OR a simple lightbox popup gallery show that show cases the product benefits! If someone clicks on something, something should happen! You know these things, but aren’t utilizing them on your site. Anyways, Good finds all around.

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  1. Is a lot of your traffic mobile? I’m wondering if that would be what is contributing to all the image clicking.

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