Case Study: Day 1 – Follow Up #2

conversion optimization case study
Conversion Optimization Case Study

Alright, first thing I did was look at crazyegg (The version Optimizely setup) and I realized that several people were attempting to click highlighted words in blue that talked about some of the benefits. Currently there are 10 and 14 visitors to the respective pages. I decided to introduce an actual hyperlink and utilize smoothscroll (Smooth Scroll) so visitors can jump down to the CTA area. Already a nice win for today. I also slowed it down from 400 milliseconds to 2000 milliseconds (2 seconds) to show a smoother transition.

After seeing that simple marketing fix provided by crazyegg I no longer regret the yearly billing raping. It’s still hurts, but you gotta walk off.

So far 71 visitors to the Optimizely test, and Variation #1 is still pulling ahead, but it’s starting to get a little closer. Here is a quick screenshot:

conversion optimization midday report 9-6-2013
conversion optimization midday report 9-6-2013

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