CC9 – Disconnect

There is a disconnect somewhere. I can’t put my finger on it, but what I wrote about and give examples about isn’t what people are creating in the end. I’m seeing it more and more. There was a guy at WF creating a thread about “Running a Real Business” – I’ve been reading that thread in the mist I gave up hope for that individual after my posts fell on deaf ears. Afterwards they stated they were doing “CCarter traffic leaks”… and some how their top traffic day was 47 visitors… Yeah you ain’t doing traffic leaks…

But what if they are or rather think they are. I feel like the most common aspect, “forum posting” is literally all people took away from that thread, which is sad to say the least. I didn’t write 16K words to come to the conclusion of “forum posts” and “social media” – there is a disconnect from what people are doing or can do. I think it’s fear. That has to be overcome though, the only way I can think of is just throwing everyone into the water and doing a sink or swim scenario.

I’ve got a ton of content I want to push out but now I find myself going back cause it could be life or death if they don’t use it properly. One person started commenting negatively with their real name on competitor’s reviews – like direct competitors which would be catastrophic to their brand if we didn’t undo that quickly.

We’re in dangerous waters… Time to turn up the heat.

2 thoughts on “CC9 – Disconnect

  1. This is very common.

    Apart from the main problem with most people who read things on forums, being not taking action after reading x-y-z, there’s also the fact that not everyone follows the steps 1-2-3, as described.

    This is especially true for people who have a bit of experience, so they begin tweaking things to their own likings, thinking it would work “better”, so the end result is obviously different.

    When you start thinking about how many things can go wrong after giving someone a “blueprint” to follow, the list can get very long 🙂

  2. Yeah, that’s the thing about forums. You are suppose to come and gain the knowledge, then leave and utilize the knowledge, and comeback with what you’ve learned to help others. Somewhere along the way, people forget to go out and “do” and just stay comfortable with the current surroundings.

    But not all is lost, there are some strong core members that are doers, I’m concentrating on them until the others catch up, and after this… meh, who knows what will become of me, but this “forum posting” life is getting rather mundane…

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