CC9 – Re-evaluation


Something’s up, cause some of these people are falling behind, or just stagnate, so I’m going to have to do some one on one talks with them to get them up to speed and figure out where they are hitting road blocks at.

I am keeping the fast pace cause there is no “slow down” mode to the internet. I’ve released some great top secret ways of generating engaging content on different platforms, proven to work, and now am about to go into some of the final lessons of traffic leaking, keyword research – yeah you have to do that, then content creation, niche monitoring, and a trolling exercise that should push people to the brink. This is going to be some intense workouts for some of these people, but well worth it.

I love that most are taking initiatives going forward, but some of those mistakes have to be undo cause they will shoot themselves in the face if not done correctly.

I figure the lessons needed to understanding marketing/traffic leaks are these:

1. Identifying your target audience.
2. Identify where the audience hangs out online (website/platform).
3. Studying each platform to see what’s hot on that particular platform.
4. Start slow engagement to get a feel for the water (All non-committal conversations).
5. Pounce.

But before all that you have to have a foundation for your site, problem is we can’t spend weeks on getting a site perfect, this is a bootcamp, not take your time camp. The most important thing is the training to generate massive amounts of traffic. Already, they’ve been given content creation keys that should take their game to a god-like level no matter what the niche, now it’s time to practice playing in the mud.

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