As with everything in life there is a natural cycle of the way. Within everything the new generation comes into power, does their thing, the ones that can keep power stay a bit longer than the rest, but the vast majority get swept away back into the dust.

With my own self I feel like my overall energy’s been waning, so I try to conserve as much of it as possible. I still get pulled into nonsense drama but I try to ignore them indefinitely, I’ve been getting better and better at it, but am not completely tone-deaf – yet. I feel like I’m still playing in the mud.

What I do notice though is in every cycle, nothing really changes – and with the internet the cycles keep getting closer and closer together. There is always something new and exciting to learn about, figure out how to market within it, and a few will master the platform and it’s complexity, but then you look up and there something new AGAIN, and the cycle starts over.

I’ve been through enough cycles to know the types that will make it and the types that won’t. Even some of us ancients from the before times have slowly dissipated into the aether already but since we are after all Ancients. We know how to adapt quickly and survived the next wave. But every wave, takes a bit out of us, maybe not like the mortals who can get completely crushed in a single wave, but every cycle, I notice I’m getting less and less focused on the true end goal – my Shangri-La.

“They’ve limited their thinking and would feel much more comfortable if you’d limit yours too.”

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