The Future Is Not What It Used To Be

cities of the future by jonasdero
cities of the future by jonasdero

I remember when I was little dreaming of the future. Where we’ll have space cars, advanced technologies that would implement directly into your head, crazy thinks like that. But you know what we’ve got, keyboard and mouses. Don’t get me wrong, with LeapMotion and other new advancements we’re finally breaking barriers, but honestly this is not what I envisioned at all.

One of the biggest disappointments are people. I thought people would be a lot smarter in the future – I dunno how. I just assumed technology help increase the overall IQ level of individuals. But as you visit the internet and go through the different levels of the internet, you notice the same things you notice in the real world. Bad neighborhoods, Good neighborhoods with bad neighbors. Scam, scoundrels and suckers. It’s the same nonsense online as offline.

Where is the future I dreamt of? I guess it’s up to us as individuals to create that future.

1 thought on “The Future Is Not What It Used To Be

  1. Technology? Oh yes!

    We didn’t get the hoverboard, so what?

    We have portable access to the global communications and knowledge network.

    Most of us carry around a computer that weighs less than your latest sandwich and has hundreds of times the processing power of the NASA mainframes putting people on the moon.

    International video calls from anywhere are not only possible, they are also free.

    e-commerce and micro transactions have pulled (some) people out of poverty everywhere.

    Issues and news are transmitted almost immediately all over the globe.

    Research can be accessed and built on.
    University courses from ivy league institutes are made available for free.

    And then we decide to use all this to post videos of cats and pictures of our breakfast.

    Nothing we can do about people, I am afraid.

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