SEO, What A Waste of Time…

Daria F by Martasyrko
Daria F by Martasyrko

There is no super knowledge drop in here. I don’t even like posting about SEO on this site, but seriously it’s getting out of control. Every time Matt Cutts says jump, SEOers and their mouthpieces the SEO Bloggers (those SEOer that can’t rank, so they blog), parrot his rhetoric like no tomorrow. One thing I’m happy about though is that last guestbook propaganda was finally called out and he had to backtrack his statement to “SEO guestpost”, lol, yeah makes sense. The problem is the whole SEO industry and businesses in that industry are basing their existence on a 3rd party – Google.

Now, that’s not even the worst of it. Then there are the REALLY lazy SEOers that just buy BST packages, and think they are elite marketers. All it takes is one update from that 3rd party to disrupt the whole of their efforts – does that sound like a person that knows marketing?

I have to quote what an SEOer said the other day in chat:

Sadly I been calling myself a marketer for 7 years, after the G animal attacks I realized I was just a SEOer, not even a SEOer, just a spammer.

In response to my rant in that chat:

That’s the problem SEOers aren’t marketers, I’m not trying to insult anyone, but SEOing is not pro-active marketing it’s just the equivalent of yellow page advertising. There is no real marketing to it, marketing is going to where your audience is and convincing them to a degree. SEO is waiting for people to look for a solution, marketing is telling people they have a problem and here is the solution, so when SEOers come around with crazy ideas like putting [redacted] up, it just shows their lack of overall understanding of marketing.

At least that SEOer is starting to see the light.

Trying to shine the light to show some SEOers a true marketing path is difficult. I’ve all but given up on talking about SEO, and am strictly focusing on marketing. I’ll leave you with some stats from one of my properties, and ask yourself, which traffic source would you spend the most time on, the one bringing in less than 5% of my traffic, or the stuff bringing in 95%?


I’m done with that SEO bullshit, there are a lot faster and easier ways to generate traffic, and all are lower costing methods. Sites like ViralNova and other traffic leaks are a prime example of why traffic leaks are the true online marketer’s path.

My real gripe about SEO is that’s all these people do. 99% of their time is spent on 1 thing, SEO, that’s it. There is a whole world out there and 100,000 websites in Alexa’s top 100,000 – they have the most traffic on the internet, yet they concentrate on 1 website, Google. What if you actually spread your time out so it makes actual sense – 20% SEO, 20% social, 40% traffic leaks, 20% offline marketing. That way when and if one traffic source dries up, you’ll still have others. SEOers are building their sandcastle’s on Google’s beach… one day that tide’s going to come in and swallow it up whole. Good luck bros.

5 thoughts on “SEO, What A Waste of Time…

  1. “Sadly I been calling myself a marketer for 7 years, after the G animal attacks I realized I was just a SEOer, not even a SEOer, just a spammer.”

    I think this one is the most important point to just get the hell out of “SEO”..CCarter rules!

  2. The net is changing…

    I think everyone is so focused on Google they only think they can generate traffic from there. The key is to turn things sideways….see the matrix for what it is.

    People visit websites, not algorithms.

  3. It’s hard to be good at one thing, mostly my time is spent obsessing about SEO tactics, algorithms, and such. It’s a grind, it whips my ass at times, probably taken years off my life, as I type this at 3:15am after a grind slamming up some new network domains.

    In my career I’ve probably spent 10% actually doing semi-marketing shit and the other 90% working on dumb shit like setting up a spam campaigns and all the fun exhilarating stuff that comes with SEO. Can’t go back now though, so I figure I’ll keep pushing and suck out the juice while we still have this majority link based algo to work with.

    The concept/strategy/mindset of “traffic leaks” has definitely had me thinking ever since first stumbling on one of your threads. It’s a shift in thinking, allocating your time and effort for the bigger picture while keeping your butt in the chair(or standing desk) for the same amount of time. So I can dig it, just not ready to change my ways quite yet.

    1. That’s the beauty of traffic leaks, you can leak anything from anywhere. It’ll never dissipate like SEO might one day. You can leak a church bulletin to a payday loan site. It’s pure marketing in at its essence.

      We’re all going to make it mate.

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