What would you suggest. ? Is there any value with this method.

Hey CCarter I will just throw it on the table and see what you advise. Please take into consideration that I have no experience doing online marketing just what I have picked up over the past 2 years. Ok I have begun to get my feet wet with building affiliate sites which promote products from the moreniche network I have never done seo before or even websites though I am making progress LOL I think so others might not. Here is my worry google seems to be catching up to spam or so they say and I see learning this type of seo (senuke) ect. would be going the wrong direction or is it. Is it possible to build a private network with hardly any funds over time I know it's not really possible but what if you hosted all the domains on different free hosting accounts and build them with content overtime could that be of any value down the road. Also for the free hosting accounts that don't have wordpress wouldn't it be more diverse not having everything built on wordpress which would leave less of a footprint I could be talking complete shite here so if I am at least I will be told so. If I am way off the beaten path what would you suggest I have read some of your mates blog posts from years back top quality at the time I would think anyway I have rambled on for long enough and good or bad your suggestions would be much appreciated.
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