What should a student study?

Mr CCarter.

Hello, I am a student doing a degree in Web Development. It's okay and I'm nearly finished – like 4 months to go. I've pretty much decided that it's a pretty shitty thing to do full time as a career though.. hence why I'm looking at people like you who blend it all together with marketing.

Lets say I want to go properly into all this stuff or something similar (y'know, something I can incorporate my 'web experience' into) once University is finished with a chance of making it work out. What would you say are the key things to learn and experiment with whilst studying over the next 4 months?

Respect bruv


CCarter Response:

Well it depends on your eventual goal I guess. My path was from programmer to web developer then web designer then marketer. I developed my programming skills offline for what the young kids call “APPs”. Then thought the internet was the future so I turned my focus to the internet. But there is no point in following my footsteps, everyone has their own.

I’d look into marketing, real online marketing, not simply “SEO”, but look into grasping a good understanding of what it takes to get traffic, get visitors and get customers. If you can get people to a product, the rest is just about creating the product or service. If you are going down the “job” *cough* sheep *cough* route, then any employer would be lucky to allow you to make them rich by getting traffic. A lot of people go down this route hoping one day they’ll get enough of their feet wet to then strike out on their own… meh, life is not that straight forward, and eventually you get boggled down in the grind, and when that happens, all creativity is lost, it’ll be impossible to strike out on your own then.

If you are looking to strike out on your own from the beginning, make sure you got plenty of resources and know that the first project may not be the winner. May not even be the hundredth project either. It’s about how badly you want it. If freedom is what you want.

So what to study, either route study this: Traffic Leaks – http://www.wickedfire.com/enlightened-members/177893-traffic-leaks-final-level.html

That will give you the foundation of everything you need for marketing going forward. It will show you the possibilities that people just don’t know exist. And most importantly TEST your theories!!!! If you do a traffic leak once a day for the next 4 months on a side project you have, you’ll be immediately in the top 1% of 1% of online marketers that know what to do in any given situation…

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