How and When did you get started in IM?

Everybody has a background story and history that is unique to how they got to the point they are at today. While you share a plethora of helpful information for the outside world. Am curious to know about your beginnings, failures, successes, how you have grown matured and stepped up your game and most importantly what you learned along the way.

p.s. where the fuck do you think Greg Fowler SEO Scammer is these days?

1 thought on “How and When did you get started in IM?

  1. Greg Fowler is still lurking on WF. They’re monitoring his accounts.

    My story’s not that interesting, but one of the main reasons I never go into details is because I don’t want what I speak about to be about me. Rather, what I say be about the audience and how they can interpret it to their benefit.

    Sometimes you just need a shining light to focus and other times you just need to bounce ideas off of another person. I’m not important – “I am nothing, and will soon return to the dust that I came from”. What’s important is the knowledge of how to market and showcase your talents.

    I know one day, I’ll cease to exist or just stop logging in, and hopefully by then those that understood were able to achieve their goals. I feel that day is coming closer…

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